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Intentional acts of kindness in our nighttime economy will do our city’s soul a lot of good, don’t you think?

Our ultimate goal is to deploy peacekeepers, helpers, and angels of mercy who share kindness and grace in Dallas’ nightlife districts.

Our Sidewalk Ambassadors receive their primarily inspiration from Take Kare Ambassadors from the Stay Kind program in Australia.

Those ambassadors provide all kinds of support ranging from helping someone safely get to public transport or reconnecting them with friends.

We believe our Sidewalk Ambassadors can also make a vital contribution in keeping young people safe and improving Dallas’ nightlife.

Look for these leaders


Sidewalk Ambassadors Co-Chair
Almas Muscatwalla
Faith Forward Dallas at Thanks-Giving Square — Executive Director


Sidewalk Ambassadors Co-Chair
Kyle Ogden
The Thanks-Giving Foundation — President and CEO

Here are some other programs from around the world that are inspiring us to develop a unique-to-Dallas volunteer program:

However, to our knowledge, there is no other voluntary and interfaith collaboration that serves the nightlife.

24HourDallas is developing an innovative and unique program call Sidewalk Ambassadors.

We invite officiants and lay leaders from all faiths to participate.

Be of good faith and join us.

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