Apply to be an Ignite the Night vendor

Our March 26 night market is looking for quality

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2022 Ignite the Night Festival with 24HourDallas.

We are looking for unique artist/artisan vendors for our night market and festival at Thanks-Giving Square in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, March 26 from 4-10 p.m.

Upon completion of this form, a 24HourDallas team member will reach out regarding selection and next steps within the week.

Please note, submitting this form does not immediately qualify you as a vendor for this event.

Space Fees & Rules

Vendor Fee

$50 per 10×10 space

Space Rules (subject to change)

  • Vendors must provide their entire setup, including tents, tables, chairs, and displays. (All tents must be secured with 20 or more lbs. of weights on each leg.)
  • All items must be contained within your space. Sandwich boards or any other items outside of your tent are not allowed.
  • All tables must be covered.
  • Your booth must have a neat appearance. Please hide or remove all non-product items such as storage boxes and carts during the event.
  • Power may be provided upon request to those who wish to have additional lights in your booth.
  • No MLM’s, firearms, or alcohol.

Questions? Contact