Good Neighbor Initiative Local Partners

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Make your nighttime business and Dallas’ nightlife safer, more inclusive, and more economically and culturally vibrant with training and resources available through our local partners.

  • Need to know how your hotel, restaurant, bar, or music venue can identify and intercept sex trafficking? We have partners for that.
  • Want to explore innovative ways your entertainment district business can  build a customer base and dis-incent troublesome customer experiences? We have partners for that.
  • Need to give staff the skill and confidence to deescalate date violence inside or just outside your nighttime operation. We have partners for that.

We want you to be successful.

We want you to be respectful.

And we want you to get the attention you deserve as a good business neighbor.

That’s why we created the Copper Star certification program.

Sign up and let us connect you with the expertise you need to exceed expectations.

Be creative. Be authentic. Use the arts in innovative ways to engage your customers and create an atmosphere of celebration. ARTSTILLERY can be an amazing resource.

Learn how to grow your profile and investment from — and with — the most influential corporate leaders in North Texas through the BUSINESS COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS.

We are legally unable to use the term “partner” when referencing the CITY OF DALLAS. However, we do have the City’s official support and are collaborating with several departments as well as with the MAYOR’S ANTI-HATE ADVISORY COUNCIL and the City of Dallas Small Business Center.

Sexual violence is a community problem and demands a community solution. With DALLAS AREA RAPE CRISIS CENTER your business can be a part of the solution.

Are you prepared if a customer, patron, or employee has a drug overdose? Get prepared with DALLAS HARM REDUCTION AID and save a life.

The Dallas Police Department, DALLAS HOPE CHARITIES, and Collective Hope Coalition can help your business become a safe place for individuals escaping hate crimes.

EARTHX is ready to educate and inspire your nighttime business to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF ST. THOMAS THE APOSTLE is on the team developing our Sidewalk Ambassadors program, bringing light to the night.

FAITH FORWARD DALLAS is helping to lead the team developing our Sidewalk Ambassadors program, bringing light to the night.

HOSPITALITY COALITION AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE will provide training and materials to keep your customers safe from sexual assault.

Texas hotels and motels are now required train their staff about human trafficking. HOTEL ASSOCIATION OF NORTH TEXAS is here to help.

Nighttime businesses that serve alcohol can help prevent impaired driving and binge drinking. MADD shares our related public and traffic safety priorities.

The SEXUAL ASSAULTS NURSE EXAMINERS (SANE) AT METHODIST DALLAS MEDICAL CENTER are at the ready in the most tragic of nighttime economy sexual assaults.

The LEVEL 1 TRAUMA CENTER AT METHODIST DALLAS MEDICAL CENTER is prepared to handle the most frightening medical problems that surface in the nighttime economy.

MOSAIC FAMILY SERVICES is a safe haven for survivors of human rights abuses. Mosaic supports our focus on human trafficking in the hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Sexually exploited girls and women are a heartbreaking reality in hospitality and entertainment. When needed, NEW FRIENDS NEW LIFE is ready to assist.

Janitorial workers, construction and farm labor, restaurant and hotel employees in and around nightlife are often exploited. NORTH TEXAS COALITION AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING provides us with resources to intervene and help.

Pavé Group is an international social club for young women. Dedicated to empowerment, PAVÉ GROUP is helping lead our women’s night safety initiatives.

SOMOS TEJAS is helping to ensure that 24HourDallas programs also cultivate participation from Dallas’ Latino community.

TEXAS RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION offers TABC and ServSafe Texas Food Handler Certification, both of which can accelerate your Copper Star certification points.

THANKS-GIVING FOUNDATION is helping to lead the team that is developing our Sidewalk Ambassadors program, bringing light to the night.

UNBOUND offers tools and resources to help you recognize and assist trafficked customers, guests, employees, or subcontractors.

Few other Dallas organizations are as committed to a dynamic and respectful nighttime economy as VISIT DALLAS. Your Copper Star will shine brightly to our city’s visitors.