Good Neighbor Initiative

Safe Night_4c

In 2022, 24HourDallas will activate our Good Neighbor Initiative, a comprehensive, community-based pilot program that aims to create safer nights out. There are six key components of this pilot initiative:

  • A Safe Night Out is a comprehensive nightlife management model that provides strategies to municipal agencies, business owners, trade associations, and the community to improve safety and build mutually beneficial relationships. Safe Night’s research-based training will anchor the Good Neighbor Initiative with proven success and will change the narrative on how nightlife businesses and enforcement agencies interact. This critical program component has been made available to 24HourDallas by
  • 24HourDallas volunteers will amplify the intervention role that the hospitality and restaurant sectors can have when it comes to labor trafficking and sex trafficking.
  • Our volunteers invite women and girls to participate in Women U-Night on March 6, 2024, and we will advocate for nighttime operators to adopt a women’s nighttime safety charter.
  • We welcome Dallas’ interfaith leaders and others of goodwill to volunteer as emissaries of peace in our nightlife districts through our Sidewalk Ambassador program.
  • We will address unconscious bias toward consumers in the nightlife sector and we will help diversify nighttime entrepreneurism through a volunteer-powered training program called Every Voice.
  • And 24HourDallas will recognize excellent nighttime operators in Dallas through our voluntary Copper Star certification program.

We are deeply appreciative of the support from sponsor Pernod Ricard USA, our national partners and Safe Night, and more than 20 local partners.