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Photos from our 2024 Women U-Night

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Join our members as we create a safe, vibrant, and diverse nighttime culture in Dallas for businesses, residents, and guests.

Women deserve to be safe after dark.
Does your business value women’s well-being at night? Sign our Charter Advocating Women’s Nighttime Safety and join the 28 eligible businesses and organizations who have signed the 24HourDallas Charter Advocating Women’s Nighttime Safety since its unveiling on March 8, 2022.

These Dallas businesses and organizations have pledged to make women’s nighttime safety a priority. That means that the entities are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of women employees, customers and visitors.

Nighttime Economic Impact Study
Did you know Dallas’ nightlife produces over $24B in direct and indirect economic impact? Deep dive into the impacts of the nightlife economy by tax generation, employment, wages, and business sales that allows the nighttime economic impact to be compared to other sectors.

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