Photos from Women U-Night 2023

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June 13 Copper Star Social & Membership Happy Hour

Sign the charter and support these Dallas businesses and organizations

Women deserve to be safe after dark

These Dallas businesses and organizations have pledged to make women's nighttime safety a priority

Since unveiling our Women’s Nighttime Safety Charter on March 8, 2022, 28 eligible businesses and organizations have signed the 24HourDallas Charter Advocating Women’s Nighttime Safety.

That means that the entities are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of women employees, customers and visitors.

Does your business or organization have employees or customers in a physical location in the city of Dallas at night?

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Join our members as we create a safe, vibrant, and diverse nighttime culture in Dallas for businesses, residents, and guests.

Sign the Charter
Does your business value women’s well-being at night? Sign our Charter Advocating Women’s Nighttime Safety.

Faithful Volunteers Sought
We have an interfaith outreach idea in mind for ordained and lay leaders. Help us develop our Sidewalk Ambassadors.

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