Individual Members

As of October 7, 2021, the individuals listed below are active Individual Members of 24HourDallas.

Annual dues are $25.

Those indicated with a star ⭐ are Charter Members. Charter Members joined as a show of faith prior to our inaugural annual meeting on Nov. 16, 2020.

Many of these individual members also serve as volunteers on 24HourDallas committees. We appreciate their vision and support.

Gair Abbud ⭐
David Askenase ⭐
Audrie Austin
Nathaniel Barrett
Jasmin Brand
Jack Bunning ⭐
Janis Burklund ⭐
Matthew Crittenden ⭐
J. Damany Daniel
Heather Dickie
Gabriel Dowell ⭐
David Fisher ⭐
Keith Foster ⭐
Drew Green ⭐
Anne Harding
Christian Huber
Joshua Hunt
Augustine Jalomo ⭐
Michael Janicek ⭐
Suzan Kedron
Jeannette Keton ⭐
Brian King
Reuben Lael ⭐
Brian Larney
Matthew Mabel
Rhiannon Martin ⭐
Ian Michael Martinez
Lynn McBee ⭐

Jake McCall ⭐
Heather McNair
Cara Mendelsohn ⭐
Monika Müeller
Michelle Mew
Kyle Ogden ⭐
Christopher Penney ⭐
Heather Pickett ⭐
Brandon Poythress
Robert Prejean, AICP
Tanya Ragan
Jose Rivas
Gary Sanchez ⭐
Matt Schuster
Amit Shirsat
Jennifer Sierra
Suzanne Smith ⭐
Tony Stewart
Christopher Suprun
Casey Thomas
Christopher Thomas ⭐
Bryan Tony ⭐
Albert Valtierra
Brian Weale
Brandon Webb ⭐
Randall White ⭐
Matt Wood ⭐
Christy Zimheld

Individual Member Spotlight

Audrie Austin has been designing and making custom apparel for over 25 years. For more than 10 years she has also been crafting custom home furnishings and expanding her reach into interior design.

“I firmly believe that my purpose in life is to help heal people and that art is the medium in which I am to do so. Becoming a member of 24HourDallas has given me another way to walk in my purpose.”