Does your business in Dallas have women customers or employees at night?

If so, please sign the 24HourDallas Charter Advocating Women’s Nighttime Safety

We agree that women deserve to feel safe and comfortable everywhere at night. To that end, we pledge to:

  1. Identify someone who will champion the safety of those women who patronize or work at our establishment at night.
  3. Emphasize to our staff and customers (through our policies and communications) that we take seriously the safety of women at our establishment at night.
  5. Train our staff to believe any woman who claims to have been harassed verbally, physically or sexually in our establishment and to record all such incidents.
  7. Recognize when a woman is binge drinking, or has had her drink spiked, and take steps to ensure her safety.
  9. Ensure all women we employ, either directly or through a subcontractor, are working by choice and not as forced labor.
  11. Participate in some women’s-safety program, like those offered by the Hospitality Coalition Against Domestic Violence or Ask for Angela.
  13. Apply (if you are a business) for 24HourDallas’ 2024 Copper Star certification program, where achieving the benchmarks above can lead to an honored accreditation.
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